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Stained Glass Moon - Coastal Colours

Stained Glass Moon - Coastal Colours

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This stained glass crescent moon is my most popular item. The moon is cut by hand, ground and soldered using the copper foiling technique. It is finished in polished silver and suspended on strong white cord. The glass illuminates so beautifully with light.

Perfect for displaying on the wall or hanging in your window. For all the luna worshippers out there!

Iridescent streaky blue
Mint clear 
Grey/multi coloured iridescent
White pearl
White iridescent

Approximate measurements
130mm x 90mm


Each piece will vary slightly in colour due to the unique production of the glass sheets they are cut from. It is also common for the sheets to have texture, dips and bubbles. These are not imperfections but part of the glass.

Always wash hands after handling as solder contains small amount of lead. Avoid hanging in nursery/child's room and keep away from children.

When hanging your piece avoid using suction cups, instead suspend your work from a secure fixture to avoid your piece from falling.

Stained glass naturally begins to oxidise over time. To keep your piece looking it's best gently wipe with a micro fibre cloth with a small amount of carnauba wax. Avoid using standard abrasive glass cleaners as this will cause damage.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love my iridescent moon, its even more beautiful in person. I especially love how it changes throughout the day depending on the light. There was a little enamel moth pin and some stickers that came with it which was such a joyous surprise. Couldn't recommend enough. Thanks Aveen!