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Bowie Bolt Alladin Sane

Bowie Bolt Alladin Sane

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The lightning bolt is cut with a handheld glass cutter, shaped with a grinder and solder is added using the copper foiling technique. The bolt is finished with high shine black patina and is suspended with strong black cord. The signature colours were carefully chosen to match the Bowie aesthetic. Both colours are transparent and create refracted shapes when the light shines through the glass.

Quality of design/finish is extremely important to me and as a result I put a great deal of time and attention to this piece.

Approximate measurements
25cm x 11cm


Each piece will vary slightly due to the unique production of the glass sheets they are cut from. It is also common for the sheets to have texture and bubbles. These are not imperfections but part of the glass.

Always wash hands after handling as solder contains small amount of lead. Avoid hanging in nursery/child's room and keep away from children.

When hanging your piece avoid using suction cups, instead suspend your work from a secure fixture to avoid your piece from falling.

Stained glass naturally begins to oxidise over time. To keep your piece looking it's best gently wipe with a micro fibre cloth with a small amount of liquid carnauba wax. Avoid using standard abrasive glass cleaners as this will cause damage to the glass.
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